Selected Papers

Sunday, 2/6/22 at 1:47 AM

Now and Later, December 2021 [x]

  • Swinburne's Lesbia Brandon, Brooks's "Freud's Master Plot"

Concept and Sentence, May 2021 [x]

  • Mei-mei Berssenbrugge and Gilles Deleuze

Rilke's Mourning, February 2021 [x]

  • Rilke, Freud, Capitalist Realism, Venture Capital

Poetic Currency, December 2020 [x]

  • The Valuing of Poetry, Rap Music, African-American Poetics

Human Acts, July 2020 [1] [2]

  • New Materialism, Character, Lars von Trier, Italo Calvino

Natural History, December 2019 [x]

  • Trinidad and Natural History, Derek Walcott, Édouard Glissant

Toward a Botanical Poetics, December 2019 [x]

  • Biosemiotics and Poetics, Christian Bök’s Xenotext

The Parabolic Method, May 2019 [1] [2]

  • B.A. Thesis, José Lezama Lima’s “Muerte de Narciso”
  • An adjacency network for "Muerte de Narciso" [x]